Training and qualification

The key to achieving professional goals and continuous personal development
The Door to Success

Affordable and quality education for everyone

In a rapidly changing environment that requires constant development and adaptation, our Center emerges as the base from which future professionals are developed and shaped.


Training in over 60 professions and specialties, developed and adapted to the requirements of our partners and customers.

Digital Competencies

Training in working with computers and specific digital competences in modern and fully equipped computer rooms.

Key Competencies

Over 8,000 people have successfully completed training on various key competencies, delivered in 17 different cities in Bulgaria.

Improve your work

Euroqualification Center offers services designed for individuals, independent or within an organization, who want to be included and undergo a process of enriching knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to improve their work performance and sustainable employment.

Quality and Competitiveness

Step into the future with us as we unveil our latest designs, precision-crafted to redefine perfection. Each endeavor reflects our commitment to innovation, creativity and pushing boundaries.